Frequently asked questions

The most common questions

How do I join Chip Chip Golf?
What if your selected course and start date has reached full capacity?
Can I still sign up after the course has commenced?
Can I drop out and get a refund after the course has commenced?
How old does my child have to join Chip Chip Golf?
Do boys and girls participate in the same class?
Are parents/guardians required to participate in the classes?
How is a typical class structured?
Will the kids play with real golf clubs?
What should I wear to attend the classes?
Under what circumstances will classes be cancelled?
How will I know if a class is cancelled?
What if my child is sick and cannot attend a class, will I get a refund?
What if my child needs to miss a class due to travel, will I get a refund?
Can I transfer my paid course fee to another person?
Will my child get expelled from a class or the course?
Can I take photos / videos?
Is the organiser going to take photos/videos?
My child is advanced for their age. Can he/she move up to the next age group early?
Have the coaches done background checks with the Hong Kong Police?